Bistronomia. Logo. Identity. Jun 2018

Super cuisine without superiority

The restaurant “Bistronomia” offers gastronomic cuisine in a bistro style: upscale dishes are served in a relaxed atmosphere and at reasonable prices. And they also make fresh bread and desserts, so it sums up to a handy 3 in 1 combo, restaurant + bakery + confectionery.

Project: logo and visual identity

Bistronomia Logo

The visual language of the brand whose good taste you can trust is equally reliable and profound. The main ingredient of the identity warms up the imagination reminding of a delicious hot pretzel, or a smoke over freshly brewed coffee, or an appetizing confectionery cream curl – to limit it to just one association would be boring.

Decorated B

The color scheme radiates calmness and confidence. Ripe raspberries, blueberries in sugar powder and latte unite in a pleasant coloristic trio, void of pathos or frivolity. Upscale, inventive and unpretentious is the summary of the image prepared for the restaurant of modern city cuisine.