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First clubs appeared in England of the 17th century and became common in the Victorian era – communities of interest brought together students, aristocrats, politicians and businessmen.
Are prestigious clubs for men only? It’s the past. Welcome, ladies.

Project: Logo

“Women and Sport” commission is the first female “club” of the highest level, uniting women with a career in sport. Souvenirs and awards of the commission elegantly bear the unique emblem. To get such an award means “to join the club” and the highest sports league. The logo of the commission is used in documentation, documentary TV-series “Women and Sport”, awards and souvenirs for talented athletes, coaches, managers. The motto of the commission “Women and Sport” is the Latin saying: Videre majus quiddam – striving for more.

“Women and Sport” commission is created within the National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus with the aim to promote the Olympic movement among women, to prevent gender discrimination and increase the number of women in leadership positions in sports federations (there is also Commission “Women and Sport” at the International Olympic Committee since 2004).