Morozproduct. Ad Campaign. Outdoor. Print. Video. Jun 2020

Oh My Joy!

The task for the agency was to develop the positioning, launch campaign idea and design of advertising materials for the new Frudoza Joy ice cream. The campaign consisted of two stages.

Project: advertising campaign, outdoor, print, video

At the end of 2019, in order to expand the audience and support interest in the brand during the winter, Frudoza surprised ice cream lovers with a curious novelty Frudoza Joy, first of the kind in the Belarusian market. The product range was completed by a creamy popsicle with Greek yogurt taste and jam inside, strawberry and apricot.

1st stage communication goals (November-December 2019):
To introduce a new product, to present its benefits

To emphasize the three-layer essence of the novelty, ice cream with yogurt + jam + cocoa-coating, Frudoza’s general slogan “Juicy portion of happiness” gets an adaptation: “Triple portion of happiness”. And the design of the package serves to present the product and create its image – the illustration sets the tone and evokes the necessary associations. The idea of flight and the Mediterranean landscape inspire a carefree mood ready for pleasure. Soft pastel colour palette promises delicacy inside.

Posters at Universities
Video animations (Internet + SMM)

2nd stage communication goals (May 2020):
To enrich the emotional connection with the audience, to strengthen loyalty

A broad smile from the updated FRU:DOZA logo becomes material and lights up real faces. The tagline “Oh My Joy!” is a take on OMG meme, decoded as “Oh My God!”. It communicates enjoying the taste and accentuates the name Joy. With the help of #omyjoy hashtag, it’s easy for the brand to start communication online.

LED screens
Megabord in “Lebyazhy” aquapark

Special plot