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New Portion of Happiness

Background: “Frudoza” is a hip brand of ice cream in Belarus. In 2019 the new product was born – a creamy treat with the flavour of Greek yogurt and jam, strawberry and apricot, in cocoa-glaze. It’s the first of the kind in the Belarusian market and quite different from the current “Frudoza” range.
Task for the Agency: To devise a creative concept and package design to help the new product fit into the positioning of “Frudoza” as a “portion of happiness”.

Project: naming, creative concept, package design, illustration, logo

Solution: The new “Frudoza Joy” sub-brand is a triple portion of happiness: jam + ice-cream with Greek yogurt + cocoa-coating. Breeziness and pleasure associated with the product transform into the idea of the flight. A new Mark and a new Bella float over the Mediterranean islands. A warm colour palette of the original illustrations and a soft matte texture of the package promise real delicateness inside.