Kakvas zovut?

Kvass is a traditional Slavic fermented beverage commonly made from black or regular rye bread. It was first brewed by monks and then it was a popular drink among village people. Today kvass is produced at factories. “Ochakovsky” is the main kvass of Russia: the brand enjoys high rates of knowledge, consumption, loyalty and high distribution. This is the only kvass brewed using the traditional technology of double fermentation, which makes it the most natural and healthy kvass on the market. In one word, “Ochakovsky” is the only “true” kvass and an excellent way to quench thirst. But this is not so relevant for younger generation who prefer trendier sodas. Can we disrupt a stereotypical perception of kvass as an archaic drink?

Project: TVC

“Kvass” equals to “Ochakovski”. We packed the idea of leadership into the format of a light summer story revolving around the game of words “Kak vas zovut?” (What is your name?) and “Kak kvas zovut?” (What is the name of the kvass?). We also added the hashtag and put the installation into a town square to demonstrate that #КВАС can easily fit into modern city life.

Creative idea, script, lyrics: Brama Branding
Production: Partizan
Director: Kirill Novikov
DOP: Anton Fursa
Composer: Oleg Udaleev

And backstage video