Vesta. Ad Campaign. Outdoor. Radio. Video. Nov 2014

Happy Homes

VESTA builds strong families, and Malinovka is where they live.
Project: Advertising campaign for residential complex Malinovka

How to talk about the benefits of a residential complex and not resemble a classic advertisement? People do not like advertising. But they do love to be photographed. For visitors of main shopping malls in Kaluga (Russia) we prepared sketches from family life.


“Have you closed the door? Did you check it? And the upper lock? Sure?”
We care about your security. Video cameras and police station nearby. Residential complex Malinovka
VESTA. Building strong families


“We never go out. You are living on the sofa!”
We care about your leisure: park, pond, area for barbecue. Residential complex Malinovka
VESTA. Building strong families

Illustrations: Anna Gorlach

In strong families interests of each family member are taken into account.
Creating infrastructure of the residential complex, VESTA made sure that Malinovka would be loved by everybody.

Director: Denis Volkov
Vocals: Anya Zhdanova