Vesta. Logo. Naming. Video. Jul 2017

My House is My Castle

Developers often choose for residential communities “big” names that should boom with prestige, instill awe and evoke in future tenants bouts of pride… However, is it what is most important?

Project: naming, logo, video

And so in the city of Kaluga there appeared a residential community “Vesnushki”* that is built within the preferential program “Housing for the Russian family”, it is situated in an ecologically clean area and has a developed infrastructure for family recreation. Green park, barbecue places, bicycle paths and sportsgrounds – here at “Vesnushki” each child gets enough fun, sun and fresh air. The sunny residential community gets a sunny logo.

To acquire accommodation of one’s own, especially when it is new and of excellent quality, is happiness, and the talk on the topic should be honest and free of pathos. The story about a “castle house” creates the mood of a peaceful childhood and reminds of the simple joys of life. All “actors” are unique – they were carved from a birch board according to individual sketches and had a long way to go before becoming stars of a stop-motion video. Welcome to Vesnushki, sweet Vesnushki!

* “Vesnushki” is “freckles” in English.

Creative idea, script, production: Brama Branding