Concept. Naming. Package. Jun 2017

8 O’Clock Milk

The Belarusian milk shelf looks better with every year – packages are upgraded, new formats are evolving, and original solutions are emerging. The only segment remaining unchanged is low-priced milk: nothing interesting happens to a plastic pouch, its design is limited to the manufacturer’s logo and “technical” information. So boring! What if to turn the form into the idea?

Project: visual concept of packaging, naming

A square package of milk resembles a sleeping pillow…

And milk is usually consumed after sleep and before bedtime. In the morning, it is added to cereals, smoothies, flakes, coffee, and a glass of warm milk with a cookie before going to bed is a favorite treat for many children. Therefore, a variable name: “8 a.m.” for fatter milk and “8 p.m.” for a lighter product.